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Beetroot Ravioli filled with Minced Lamb

For this dish we used 2 balls of previously made beetroot pasta.

We made 2 fillings. We blitzed together spring onions, garlic, ginger and a red and a green chilli (seeds as well). We browned off some minced lamb with some of the mixture and set it aside to cool. We also mixed some Dolcelatte cheese with the chilli mixture for our other filling. Meanwhile we made a tomato sauce using passata, finely chopped onion and some fresh herbs and let it reduce.

Beetroot RavioliBeetroot RavioliBeetroot Ravioli

We then rolled out the pasta dough and cut it into large strips for the ravioli. We put a teaspoon of the mixtures on one strip then folded over the other strip before cutting out the ravioli shapes.

Beetroot RavioliBeetroot RavioliBeetroot Ravioli

There was a bit of the lamb mixture and the cheese mixture left, so we added them to the tomato sauce for extra richness! We then cooked the ravioli for about 8 mins in salted boiling water. And served it with more fresh herbs (basil, parsley & mint) and a good helping of the sauce.

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