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Haggis Scotch Eggs

Neither of us really likes typical scotch eggs with the insipid looking cold hard boiled egg centres, but we did fancy trying to make them with a runny yolk and seeing as it was Burns Night again, we though haggis may be a tasty alternative to sausagemeat.

Well little did we know the challenge in store.

We bought 12 eggs (of varying sizes, our first hurdle), and ended up using 10 of them. We wanted to boil the eggs until they were solid enough to peel the shells but still had a runny yolk inside. Well the ideal time for achieving this was not 30 secs, nor was it a minute, for that matter even a minute and a half was nowhere near enough! In the end we reckoned the successful eggs took just over 2 minutes.

From the boiling water we plunged them into ice-cold water (to stop the cooking process). Then painstakingly peeled off the shells trying not to burst through the albumen.

We rolled out the haggis into small sheets to wrap round the eggs, a tricky job that could have benefited from being mixed with some oyster sauce to make it more pliable. But we managed a few.

Haggis Scotch Eggs

We then coated the eggs in flour, dipped them in beaten egg and rolled them in breadcrumbs. We let them chill in the fridge for 20 mins before repeating the process.

We then deep fried the eggs for about 4 mins and put them in a warm oven for a further 15 mins. Et voila!! Perfect haggis scotch eggs with runny yolks.

Haggis Scotch Eggs

We ran out of haggis so we did a few with sausagemeat too. They were very tasty but we’re not sure if they were worth the grey hairs and the tears of frustration.

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