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  Paella with Chicken Thighs, Chorizo and Prawns Recipe Cook Nights by Babs and Despinaki  


Paella with Chicken, Chorizo & Prawns

Our first cook night. Babs had recently purchased a paella pan, so we thought it only fitting that we christened it.

We browned chicken thighs in the pan and then removed them. We added chorizo slices, then chili and garlic before stirring in paella rice. We stirred until all the grains of rice were nicely coated and glossy. We dissolved a pinch of saffron in warm water to add flavour and colour to the rice. Then added paprika and dry white wine and when it was bubbling, poured in hot chicken stock, added the chicken thighs and cooked for 5-10 minutes.

Despinaki had to be told off a few times for giving into the urge to stir the mixture. But Babs managed to restrain her with the promise that that's what gives it the lovely sticky/slightly burnt bits at the bottom, that are of course delicious.

Lastly we added raw king prawns to the top and let them cook through before serving with wedges of lemon.

Not realising how much fun these cook nights would become and that we might want a record of them, we forgot to take a picture. So above is the leftovers :-)


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Cook Nights Recipes and Cooking by Babs and Despinaki